Topics in Horticulture (HORT 600)

In this course we dive into the diverse areas of horticulture research, with discussions centered around weekly topics and articles.  Discussions are led by a different HLA faculty each week, so new graduate students become familiar with the people and research in the department.

Nutritional Improvement of Food Crops (HORT 581A5)

In this course we explore

This class provides a broad introduction to the technical and cultural aspects of science research. You learn the practical skills needed to get involved and succeed in an undergraduate research experience, including scientific reading, writing, and presentations; using the scientific method in applied research; and science ethics. This class includes tours of HLA labs and field sites, guest speakers in a variety of research-related jobs, and interviews with professors.

The main purpose of the Independent Study is to give students the opportunity to pursue topics or skills not fully covered in their course work. Students arrange to work with a professor whose research is of interest to the student, and then spend the semester exploring a topic chosen by the student and professor. Activities and assignments will be project-specific and developed by the student and professor.

Contact me for more information! I can help you identify a professor to mentor you in your Independent Study.