Davina Rhodes, PhD, RD

Assistant Professor of Nutritional Genomics


Biography and Education


Palm Harbor, FL

Fun Fact

I lived on a vegan hippie commune for the first 7 years of my life!


Dr. Rhodes studies the genetics of crop nutritional traits in order to help breeders develop healthier food crops, particularly sorghum and potato. She uses tools from crop genetics, human nutrition, and analytical chemistry to determine the best breeding strategies for nutritional traits. Her work includes:

  • phenotyping germplasm collections to characterize the natural variation of nutritional traits

  • identifying genetic markers and genes associated with variation in traits

  • determining genotype by environment effects on nutritional traits


  • Ph.D. Integrative Biology: Crop Genetics and Nutrition

University of South Carolina, 2014

  • M.S. Human Nutrition

University of Illinois at Chicago, 2007

  • B.A. Environmental Science

New College of Florida, 1999


  • Registered Dietitian (RD)